what up wednesdays

Just a few things I’ve been up to lately……
1. Jesus is gay. No, I’m not being sacrilegious. I’m talking about the Walking Dead. I actually missed that part of the show and read about it on the internet. But I saw the rest and the show is still good so I’m ok with it all. I still have not seen the last 2 episodes of This Is Us. I know wtf right? But every time I try to put it on, Mikey begs me not to. So I put on Big Little Lies instead and we really really like it. I’m glad I didn’t read the book first. We of course still love Billions and I’m kind of digging Imposters, which I mentioned last week. Elaine who turned 40+1 has been trying to get me to watch Girls. I watched the first season but was like ummm, nah. but now she insists that I should watch this season(which is the last) and the season before that. I’m kind of tempted though just so I can feel like I’m part of the “in” crowd.
2. Books- I’m still reading Engagements.
3. Working too much. Which explains #2 above. And my absence from my blog. Excuses, excuses I know.
4. So I was all excited about Sex and the City 3 only to find out that it’s all just “in talks” and whatnot and not even remotely going to happen anytime soon.
5. The weather- Spring is here and the low tonight is 18 degrees. Oh and this past Friday night it snowed 2 inches of big fat snowflakes and covered everything and they were calling for rain. I am so ready for summer. Or Florida.

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