what up wednesdays

just a few things that I’ve been up to lately…..
1. I missed last week. I started a new job a few weeks ago and I’ve found out (see last July) that when I start a new job, I forget/don’t find the time/get overwhelmed to blog. Plus I picked up a few extra shifts bartending. And there’s another reason, but I’ll get to that some other week. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
2. TV talk- The Walking Dead has been so good after the winter break. So of course there’s only 3 episodes left. But I’ve actually been looking forward to watching it unlike last year where I just wanted to throw a chair at my tv. This Is Us- I’m 2 episodes behind and of course it’s over for the season. Big Little Lies- Mikey and I gave the 1st episode a try and we think we kind of like it. Well, I know I really like it and Mikey thinks maybe he likes it. Billions- we both just love. Have you seen the new show The Arrangement? It stars Negan’s wife that ran away. I tried it for like 10 minutes and wasn’t really into it. Now the scripted show on Bravo- Imposters is actually kind of good. I always catch it when I get home from the bar so I sometimes fall asleep or miss parts of it but it’s pretty interesting. And Uma Thurman plays a bad ass bitch in it too.
3. Vanilla cupcake M&M’s from Target. My second obsession. My first true love is Cadbury mini eggs and I truly can.not.stop.eating.them. I’ve gone through multiple bags already and I ain’t talking the little bags.
4.I’m reading the book The Engagements (Vintage Contemporaries) by J.Courtney Sullivan. I started this book a few weeks ago but read A Certain Age: A Novel by Beatriz Williams in between. Now I’m back to reading The Engagements again(when I have time; see #1 above) and I really really like it. It jumps around between different stories and decades but all ties together and some of the history of the diamond engagement ring advertising is quite interesting. The jumping around isn’t confusing though because it goes from different couples in different decades which is really neat too.
5. As I’ve said before- the weather is now a topic on what up Wednesdays. In my neck of the woods, we completely missed winter storm Stella. Which is fine by me, but lordy the hype. Non stop talk about it almost made me feel like we were left out and missed something. So now spring is on Monday and it’s going to be 25 degrees here next Wednesday. They reversed our seasons. We had spring like weather this winter and now winter is here. It better go out like a lamb at the end of March.

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