what up wednesdays

Just a few things I’ve been up to lately…..

1. Ok last weeks This is us. I called it before and said I was going to cry when William died. Well, I bawled like a baby. So much so, that Elvira Kittypants was sitting on my lap and she just stared up at me frightened and then rubbed her head on me and was trying to console me. No joke. It was too cute and made me cry even harder. That damn show. How is it just so good??!!
2. I didn’t get to watch The Walking Dead. I haven’t started Big Little Lies. We finished binge watching Billions and can’t wait to start season 2 which is already 3 episodes in. I missed this weeks Martha and Snoop too.
3. I finished the book A Certain Age: A Novel by Beatriz Williams. At first I was a little bit weary of this book because of the reviews on Amazon. They were very mixed about the story and some of the characters. I’ll admit that the synopsis on the back of the book doesn’t quite match what the book is about because it says nothing of a murder mystery. But I really liked the book and the characters and the setting, which is the 1920’s. So I’m glad I didn’t listen to some of the negative reviews because I did really, really like the book and devoured it in a few days.
4. I remember one of my new year’s resolutions- to stop writing (and talking) in run-on sentences. Obviously(see above) I’m failing at that miserably.
5. Just like TV and books, what up Wednesdays is also about the weather. This morning 65 degrees and tonight-snow. This winter has been so bizarre. I’m not complaining! I’m just talking about it. Because when all else fails and your life is as boring as mine-talk about the weather. Ha!

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