breakfast muffins

Is this not just the cutest little muffin ever?
breakfast muffin
In all my ranting and raving yesterday, I completely forgot to talk about Martha and Snoop’s dinner party that premiered on Monday night. I just new there was something else I wanted to talk about and I kept racking my brain but was too busy bitching and thinking of Daryl’s naked side butt. A few hours later I was like OMG! How could I have forgotten my very favorite Martha Stewart??!! But it worked out perfectly because now I can dedicate this whole blog post to talking about her. Which is where this breakfast muffin comes into play because it’s from the September issue of her magazine.
breakfast muffin
I wish I could take credit for this genius little idea. As soon as I saw it in the magazine, I knew I just had to try it. And let me tell you, it was surprisingly easy. Plus, you can make some stuff ahead of time to make it even easier. You can find the recipe here on her website. I did make a few substitutions in the ingredients and the muffins still turned out delicious. I used ground turkey sausage instead of regular breakfast sausage. I used vegetable oil instead of safflower oil and I used plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream because I forgot to buy the sour cream.
breakfast muffin
They are called “breakfast egg-and-cheese muffins in the magazine. I highly recommend you try these. The are delicious, adorable, very filling, and very portable.
Now, let’s talk about Martha and Snoop’s dinner party. I freaking loved it! It’s kind of awkward and kind of like what the f is this, but it works. It’s funny at times, informative at times and generally so bizarre that I can’t wait to watch another episode. I mean how can you not love watching Martha, who is 75 freaking years old and looks A-MAZING, be on this semi cooking/talk show with Snoop Dog. Snoop Dog people! The pot smoking rapper who sometimes still talks in rhymes and Martha just stands there and giggles. It’s freaking awesome!! I absolutely insist you watch it.

On one last side note, I have to laugh because in these pics of the breakfast muffins, Everything is Martha. I used Martha’s muffin pan from Macy’s to bake the muffins. The plate is vintage Martha from Kmart. And the tea towels are Martha from Macy’s. What you didn’t see is that I mixed the ingredients in a Martha bowl with a Martha whisk and browned the sausage in a Martha pan. The obsession is real people. Just ask anyone who knows me. I love Martha!!

This post is not sponsored. As stated above, I simply have an unnatural obsession with all things Martha Stewart.