redberry cherry chocolate sangria

Today is my sister’s birthday. I have only one sister and no brothers. I’m going to clarify also that she is my OLDER sister. Even though we pretty much look like twins. The older she(we) get, the more we look alike. It’s freaky.
redberrycherry chocolate sangria
My sister was the inspiration for this drink which is why I decided to make it for her birthday. She likes wine. She loves chocolate. She gave me her recipe for a redberry cherry pie that I made and entered into a contest and won a blue ribbon for at our local county fair. So I put it all together and we have redberry cherry chocolate sangria. The redberries are actually red raspberries. It’s just so much easier to say redberry cherry than red raspberry cherry.
redberry cherry chocalte sangria
I let this drink sit for about an hour in the refrigerator to let the fruit mix with the liquor and break down a bit. Plus I like my wine and sangria cold. Even if it’s red wine.
redberry cherry chocolate sangria
The wine I used is just a simple red table wine. Not too sweet, not too dry and I liked the name of it…Fancy Pants. That’s what I always say when I talk about my expensive camera I still haven’t remotely figured out how to use. My “fancy pants” new camera.
redberry cherry chocolate sangria
My boyfriend’s mom got me a flavored vodka sampler pack for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to try all of the flavors. I used one called red berry vodka in this drink. A raspberry or cherry flavored vodka would work just as well if you can’t find redberry.
redberry cherry chocolate sangria
Redberry cherry chocolate sangria
1oz white crème de cocoa
1oz redberry vodka
2oz gingerale
5 red raspberries
5 cherries (I used frozen cherries, thawed)
red wine
Fill glass with berries and cherries. Pour in vodka and crème de cocoa. Fill glass til 3/4 full with red wine. I let it chill in refrigerator for about an hour then topped off the glass with gingerale.
redberry cherry chocolate sangria
My sister and I never really fought growing up. Even when we shared a bedroom for 18 years. She never did care about turning on the lights and turning up the radio at 6 am while I was still sleeping. Or talking on the phone or fighting with her boyfriend on the phone for 3 hours while I tried to go to sleep. Or telling me I was adopted and making me cry because she knew I would believe her. Or how about that time she left for college and I moved all of her shit out of our room and she returned 10 days later and lived at home (still sharing a bedroom) while she went to a local university. It’s all good though because even when I complain I would still never ever trade all of those late night talking and giggling sessions we used to share or how we just always tolerated each other and always got along. I love you sissy! And Happy Birthday Nay Nay!!!

what up wednesdays

just a few things I’ve been up to lately…..
Easter flowers from my boyfriend! And scratch off lottery tickets! He went out Easter morning to pick them up after he saw all of the nice things I got for him in his easter basket. Yes, we still spoil each other and buy presents.
Speaking of spoiled….
Elvira kittypants loved everything in her easter basket. Can you tell we don’t have children??? Her favorite toy is the tissue paper I used in the basket(ok actually it was a bag). Notice the Martha Stewart cat toys. I am so obsessed with Martha I even buy the cats her products. Hehe.

TV talk- ummm nothing. We are in between binge watching any shows. I still haven’t finished watching Downton Abbey yet. I think I have 2 more episodes. Even my reality junk tv watching has been at a minimum. Monday night we were chilling in the livingroom with the cats and I was reading the newspaper(the actual newspaper, like a hardcopy edition) and my boyfriend was on his ipad and we never even turned the TV on. It was weird but kind of nice. Now don’t get all freaked out….Of course we watched the Walking Dead!! Let me just say this. Fooey on this freaking show. Quit leaving me hanging so badly. Like every episode. Just stop. Oh wait, EVERYBODY is saying they are going to leave us hanging for the season. WAH! It was an interesting episode. It made me want to eat an apple for breakfast. HAHA! no, but anyway, For some reason I think the guy that was looking for his horse that Morgan stopped Rick from shooting will turn out to be Negan. I don’t know why and I did not read that anywhere else. Oh and I seemed to have missed the part in the beginning where Carl finds a gun that supposedly looks like Negan’s bat. I did read that somewhere and it may have some significance to the show. Oh and my friend Rob thinks Michonne is going to get the bat first. Makes sense because Rick’s whole world is about to change and he’s no longer gonna be in charge or at least for a minute. And maybe the whole apple scene in bed with Michonne giving Rick a bite of the apple aka Adam and Eve is a little foreshadowing….Again my own theory but I kinda like it. Your thoughts???

late for (sunday) suppers

I was too exhausted to do a sunday suppers Easter edition post. However, I did want to share with you some of the things I made. Most recipes were via Pinterest and other bloggers. My sister and I were in charge of making ALL of Easter dinner.  My mom and dad usually make everything and we contribute an item or 2.  But this year my parents weren’t going to have Easter dinner because my mom had knee surgery a few weeks ago.  My sister and I persisted and told them that we would make everything and bring it to their house and even eat on paper plates. After a little bit of convincing and using her kids as bait, saying that they are growing up so fast and we just all want to be together for the holiday and blah blah blah…They finally agreed.  So my sister and I divided up cooking duties and who would make what.  Now here is the part where I got a little overzealous and instead of keeping it simple, I decided to complicate the matter and try all of these cool recipes.  Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious but oh goodness it was way too much to do.  My sister was in charge of the ham, sweet potato casserole, salad, and bringing all of the disposable dinnerware.  I was in charge of dessert, potatoes, a vegetable, and buns (or dinner rolls or whatever you want to call them).  Now I could have taken the easy way out and just made a pie (which I can whip up in no time), bought 2 boxes of scalloped potatoes (I actually really like boxed scalloped potatoes), a bag of frozen veggies or something, and stopped somewhere for dinner rolls like maybe at the bakery that’s 1 block from my house.  Done. No stress. Still good food. But no.  I had to make my life difficult.  Instead I made homemade copycat Texas roadhouse buns and butter, crockpot cheesy potatoes, pickled eggs and beets, fruit pizza, and decided to roast 6 different vegetables.  Plus on sunday I made my usual breakfast casserole, turkey meatballs in sauce, and bbq chicken and sweet potato bake.  You know, just in case we didn’t have enough leftovers.  Hahahaha.

The cheesy potato recipe is actually called slow cooker copycat Cracker Barrel hash brown casserole.  I found it on Pinterest which led me to the blog Get Crocked and the recipe can be found here.  It was really really good but I found that my cooking time was probably half of what it called for even though it says crockpot cooking time varies.  So if you decide to make it, watch your cooking time.  I also don’t have a picture of it to share with you.

Next is Copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls and cinnamon honey butter.  There were many recipes for these on Pinterest so I picked one and it’s from the blog the recipe can be found here.
I can’t believe they actually turned out right.
My rolls NEVER turn out good at all ever.
They tasted just like Texas Roadhouse rolls with butter. Although on a sidenote, I added an extra stick of butter with the honey, cinnamon, and powdered sugar because I felt it was a little too sweet and too much cinnamon. Maybe it’s just me though, the taste is easy to adjust.
This is a picture of all the veggies before cutting and roasting. I never got an after picture. So sorry. The recipe came from the blog Damn Delicious and it can be found here.
And last but not least was the fruit pizza. I like to make mine in a square pan instead of a round one which I think is the whole reason they call it fruit pizza but whatever. Either works.
fruit pizza
The recipe I used came from my mom. She found it years ago in a magazine I’m guessing. It’s a clipping but doesn’t say from where or what magazine. I searched the internet and Pinterest and couldn’t find a similar recipe. It seems most recipes use a sugar cookie dough as it’s base. So here’s the recipe I used.
Fruit Pizza
2 cups flour
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup butter, cut into pieces
1 8oz pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3-4 cups assorted fruit
Combine flour and powdered sugar; cut in butter until mixture is crumbly. Pat mixture on 12 inch pizza pan; bake at 350 degrees until browned, 8 to 10 minutes. Cool
Beat cream cheese, granulated sugar and vanilla until fluffy; spread over crust. Arrange fruit on cream cheese.

So there you have it. Two days of prepping and cooking and now I need a nap. Hope you had a great Easter!

Drink of the day

I suppose I should say drink of the night.  I mean I won’t pretend there aren’t some days where I drink during the day but I usually refrain and wait until the evening to mix up a cocktail.
jim beam apple and soda
This post is not sponsored. I simply was able to obtain a small sample bottle of Jim Beam Apple and it was so good I thought I’d share it with you. On a sidenote, I was tying to focus on the drink and not the actual bottle so that’s why it’s blurred out in some of these pictures.
jim beam apple and soda
On the side of the sample it gives you a recipe for a Jim Beam Apple and soda. Plus that’s what Mila Kunis tells you to mix it with in the TV commercial. So I decided to try it just like they told me to. I mean how can Mila Kunis be wrong? I still to this day laugh at the thought of her being the voice of Meg on Family Guy. Totally blew my mind when I heard that. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it took me years to realize it?
Jim Beam apple and soda
So in a glass with ice I mixed 1oz Jim Beam Apple with club soda and a lemon slice.
Jim Beam Apple and soda
I was very pleasantly surprised. The drink was very refreshing and crisp and only a little bit tart. Like a green apple. Mixing it with the club soda gave it a very mild flavor which was nice. It also didn’t have a very prominent bourbon taste, for all of you bourbon scaredy cats out there. Kind of reminded me of an apple martini or just straight up apple pucker. Or as I read in a review online, like a green apple jolly rancher. I also liked that it was mixed with club soda because sometimes I freak out about the calories, caffeine, and chemicals from colas and diet colas. But not from alcohol. HA! I know I totally contradict myself. But I actually think I may pick up a full size bottle of Jim Beam Apple to add to my ever growing (but sometimes shrinking during a really bad week! Don’t judge me!) liquor collection.
Jim Beam Apple and soda
I highly recommend you try it! Cheers!

what up wednesdays

just a few things I’ve been up to lately…..

Remember this dining room table and chairs?102_0804
Well I finally finished painting and reupholstering the whole set and I’m going to write a whole blog post on it and post it very soon. And it’s going to be a long one.

  • There’s a full moon tonight and let me tell you I feel like a crazy person whenever there is a full moon and a day or two before it’s at it’s fullest because I have the weirdest, strangest dreams. Seriously. They are bizarre. Last night I dreamt that I was on the Walking Dead with Daryl and Negan. We were walking through the woods trying to get to someplace we could hear things going on but couldn’t quite find. We didn’t see any zombies but we had to climb this really steep hill and I was holding Daryl’s hand and Negan wasn’t trying to kill us, he was just there with us. It was just so crazy. But Daryl and I were holding hands!! And speaking of the Walking Dead…
  • So I thought Sunday’s episode was kind of a filler episode and it was kind of ho hum boring and then BAM Denise gets an arrow though her eyeball during her annoying little speech after she kills her first walker. Didn’t “see” that coming. HA. Then all hell breaks loose and I can’t quite remember the guy that has Daryl’s bow but Eugene bites said guys crotch and then there’s gunfire and Darly gets his bow and arrows back and then Carol leaves Alexandria and it’s all wtf again. Not a filler episode after all.
  • I finished the book Brooklyn and I did something I never do. I had about 30 pages before the ending and I read the last page. I couldn’t take it anymore because I wasn’t sure the book was going to end the way I wanted it too. I was freaking out thinking did I just read this whole thing and now this is going to happen?? So I read the last page and finished reading the whole book anyway. I won’t tell you how it ended. Or if I’m happy about it. I’m still thinking about watching the movie though.