what up wednesdays

just a few things I’ve been up to lately…..

Merry Christmas!


I made some homemade catnip toys for our “kids.” They both love them. They also got a sitting post which they will occasionally share nicely.


Do you remember this pic?

it's a secret!
it’s a secret!

or this one?

Well we made homemade wine!!! It’s so cool. It’s a rose and I want to open a bottle asap but we still have to let it age for a minute in the bottles. We gave the wine as gifts and I made these cute labels and surprised everybody and I made about 25 bottles and I’m just so darn excited about it!!




homemade wine

We just bought a winemaking kit and followed the directions that came with it. It wasn’t overly difficult and I can’t wait to get a new batch started. I think this time we are going to make a blueberry wine. As you can see we named our “winery” 2 cats wine cellars and put the cats pic on the label. Sorry. Yes, I know, we are totally obsessed with our cats.


And just to reiterate the previous statement…..

Elvira kittypants wants to wish you a safe and happy new year!
Elvira kittypants wants to wish you a safe and happy new year!


cookie exchange cocktail style

Todays cookie cocktail is an oatmeal cookie martini.

oatmeal cookie martini

The basis for alot of these cookie cocktails is irish cream and coffee liquer. Two of my favorites. They’re so versatile. Throw them in egg nog, hot chocolate, coffee, the list goes on and on.

oatmeal cookie

I garnished this martini with rolled oats. Can we consider this healthy now? Or how about breakfast? Oats and milk right?

oatmeal cookie martini

Oatmeal cookie martini
1/2 oz cinnamon whiskey
1 oz irish cream
1 oz coffee liquer
1/2 oz amaretto
3 oz heavy cream (I used original almond milk)
Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with rolled oats.

Elvira kittypants  photobombed my martini pic
Elvira kittypants photobombed my martini pic

Happy Holidays!

what up wednesdays

just a few things I’ve been up to lately……

    • I have never been a last minute xmas shopper.  This year I have become one and it is making me so stressed out.  The sad thing is, I have ALOT of extra time to do things and I never get them done.  Pathetic.
    • Let’s talk christmas cookies.  I was so excited to make them.  Now I can’t stop eating them.  I was better off with pie.  My waistline would agree.  And the failures.


My poor pecan tassies.
And I burnt a batch of brookies. The brownie cookie combo that my boyfriend really likes. Bombed.

    • Let’s talk about happier things!

I have always wanted to receive an edible arrangement! And I finally did from my dear friend Ricky. Along with one of my favorite gifts to receive always-scratch off lottery tickets. So excited!! Like jump up and down excited like the delivery guy saw me do in my pj’s when he delivered my edible arrangement. For real. I clapped and jumped. I’m a dork. It’s the little things ya know. Omg ok I’ll stop.

Elvira kittypants want to wish you a merry christmas
Elvira kittypants want to wish you a merry Christmas

Nero would probably wish you a merry Christmas too but he’s out running around doing wild cat things because it’s like 60 something degrees around here and he’s so excited to be outside all the time. Like jump up and down excited. Like me when I get an edible arrangement. And because I LOVE 60 degree weather in December. Just like Nero. I can give 2 shits about a white Christams.


Elvira kittypants is like a little kid. She has to put everything in her mouth.

cookie exchange cocktail style

Today’s cookie cocktail is the gingerbread cookie.  Warning! This drink is strong and the taste is like a spiced gingerbread.

gingerbread cocktail

I adapted the recipe from Sandra Lee. After I made it, I realized that the drink is almost like a Moscow mule. A standard Moscow mule has vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. This drink has vanilla vodka and ginger beer (plus a few other ingredients). So I added about a teaspoon of lime juice and it actually mellowed out the flavor in a good way. So I put it in a cool copper mug and now I can call it a gingerbread Moscow mule.

gingerbread moscow mule

Gingerbread cocktail or Gingerbread Moscow mule
1 1/2 oz vanilla vodka
1 1/2 oz coffee liquer
1 oz butterscotch schnapps
4 oz ginger beer
1/2 oz dark rum
1 tsp lime juice
Combine all ingredients in a glass or cool copper mug with ice.

gingerbread moscow mule

I made so many cookies yesterday I could cry. I didn’t even finish that’s how many I made. And to think that I was so excited to make cookies and to not make any pies. Humph. I may go with pies next year! One of the cookies I did not make however, is a gingerbread cookie. I just drink one instead. My mom is the resident gingerbread cookie maker. They are always nice and soft and chewy. They would go well with my gingerbread cocktail.

gingerbread cocktail

sunday suppers

Tonight’s sunday supper is brought to you by my inner amish girl.  Just like my post yesterday on canning, I’m using some peppers I canned last summer.


This recipe was given to me by some guys that used to come into my bar after work. They were fun loving hard working blue collar guys that did the typical guy things like hunt and fish. And they also cooked. One of the guys made some of the best chocolate chip cookies I ever tasted. One time they told me about this pepper recipe they canned that they got from one of their buddies. They said you can eat it on everything- sandwiches, chicken, sausage, chili, fish, by the spoonful….anything and everything. I was intrigued. I either have a surplus of peppers or I’m given someone else’s surplus of peppers every summer, so I wanted to try canning these peppers with this so called awesome recipe. Well I did and they are. Awesome that is. I found some turkey sausage with chipotle and Monterey jack cheese at my favorite store in all the land-Aldi. I heat up the sausages and the canned peppers and make a sandwich out of it and let me tell you, it is just the greatest.



Canned pepper rings
8 oz can tomato paste
1 pint olive oil
24 oz ketchup
2 cups vinegar
1 Tbl sat
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
Mix all the above in large ot and boil 10 minutes
Add 80 peppers (cut into rings) and cook 5 minutes. Put in hot jars and seal with lids. Makes about 14 pints. Recipe can be halved.