what up wednesdays

Just a few things I’ve been up to lately…..

    • Practicing with my new fancy camera.  It’s so damn confusing.



Aren’t those flowers adorable? My friend George grows them and brought me a lil boquet.

  • TV  wise this past week was meh.  We caught up on Fear the Walking Dead and I must say, now I know why people are bitching about it.  Maybe I miss all the zombies.  Or the characters just aren’t interesting enough… And then there’s Empire.  Meh.  The episode felt rushed.  And what was that whole Chris Rock as the bad guy that Lucious orders to kill in prison? I mean c’mon now. Maybe I just need to wait a few weeks and binge watch a bunch of episodes.  Sometimes I prefer it that way.  Or maybe I should get a life and stop watching so much bad TV. Haha.  Anywho, did I ever mention that I watch General Hospital?  I mean if I can admit to the Real Housewives then clearly I have no limits.  Except I am Cait  (don’t even get me started).  I didn’t watch GH for a few months and recently started again.  (It’s how I get through an hour of cardio.)  It’s really funny in soap opera land though how the children age and one day they are 2 years old and the next time you see them they are 17. But somehow certain storylines take an entire freaking year to happen.  Hello Jake you are really Jason.  Or the previous one where Maxie was carrying her own baby and not Lulu and Dante’s.  I mean really.
  • I’m feeling crafty lately.

102_0822 DSCN0464
I painted this island right before I moved into my boyfriends house to match his kitchen. It turned out really well considering I did a really rushed job and  didn’t prime it as well as I could of. My only real mistake is that I used a satin paint instead of semi-gloss. The satin shows way too many marks and doesn’t wipe off very well. I could always go over it with a clear gloss coat but I’m too lazy. And I’ve moved on to a bigger project.


I’m going to paint this table and chairs and re-upholster them. Oh what lofty ambitions I have! I’ll keep you updated.


Elvira kittypants posing for my new camera
Elvira kittypants posing for my new camera

A Classic Martini

Vodka. Shaken. Not stirred.  Aficiandos say a martini should never be shaken.  Something with the shaking of ice makes the drink cloudy and weakens it.  I’m all for the shaken variety though, like James Bond of course.  It makes the drink colder, faster.  Who wants slightly chilled vodka?  Or to take the time to stir gently.  I mean the Russians taught us that vodka should be at freezing temperatures.  Not that vodka actually freezes.  Just ask my godson.  Who is a teenager.  He snuck his mom’s vodka and refilled the bottle with water and put it back in the freezer.  Oops.  He got into a little bit of trouble for that.  So anyway, I don’t actually drink vodka or gin martini’s.  But, I’ve been told that I make a really mean one.  One of the key things I do is to put ice and water in the martini glass while I mix up the drink.  It keeps the glass nice and chilled.

I made 2 varieties of the vodka martini.  One “dirty” martini with regular green olives and one regular martini with feta stuffed olives.  Other garnishments for a martini are cocktail onions or a lemon peel.  I read somewhere that the garnishments should always be an odd number, for luck.  Apparently since we feng shui our furniture we should do it for our cocktails too.  So either 1 or 3 olives/onions would do nicely.

classic martini
Classic vodka martini

3 oz vodka

1 oz white vermouth

green olives

Add vodka and vermouth to a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into martini glass and add olives.  To make the martini “dirty” add some of the olive juice. I usually start with a 1/2 oz – 1oz depending on how “dirty” someone likes their martini.


Frozen “Fitness” Friday

See, and I bet all you think I do is drink alcohol.  HA.  Well you’re still kinda right but today instead of my usual frozen cocktail, I made one that’s healthy and alcohol free.  I’ve been doing really well with my workouts lately.  I posted this a lil while back and since then, I have dropped 5 pounds and have been keeping them off so far.  As a personal trainer I find that few people understand that you have to find what works for you.  It can take years!  It can be very frustrating.  But after you find it, then you have to stick with it.  For me, it is weight training and cardio.  Combined.  I cannot do 1 without the other or it won’t work.  So lately I have been sticking with my workouts and I do about 4-5 days of weights and 5-6 days of cardio and I feel good.  And my clothes are fitting much nicer too.  So in celebration of my hard work I made us a protein shake.














Lisa’s post-workout protein shake

1 scoop protein powder ( I used chocolate caramel but chocolate works just fine)

1/2 TBL peanut butter

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

1 cup original almond milk

Place all ingredients in a blender with 1 cup ice and blend away.

I threw some chocolate granola on top to make it look pretty. Ok, it was for some extra carbs post workout. Ok so really it was just for a treat because it tastes sooo good.
I threw some chocolate granola on top to make it look pretty. Ok, it was for some extra carbs post workout. Ok so really it was just for a treat because it tastes sooo good.











what up wednesdays

Just a few things I’ve been up to lately…….

  • Let’s talk about this poncho








So I bought this poncho on a whim while shopping with my girls on Elaine’s 40th birthday. It’s not really my usual style, but I don’t have much style anyway. After trying it on in the store the checkout girl commented that after she saw me in it, she wanted to buy one for herself. When I got home that evening my boyfriend just kinda looked at it funny and was like “what’s with the poncho?” A few days later I threw it on again when we went out to grab a bite to eat and the hostess complimented me on it. I wore it again the other day to run some errands and I swear some lady wanted to tackle me for it. Which lead me to think about a conversation I had before with one of my best friends. It was also an article in a magazine a long time ago. It’s about as a girl/woman do you dress for men or do you dress for women? My bestie, who I had this conversation with, is our fashion icon. Actually we all consider her our own personal stylist too. She couldn’t come shopping with us on Elaine’s 40th even though we were literally 10 minutes from her house, because she was on vacation. So as the little fashionista, my bestie said she dresses for women. I on the other hand dress for men. Meaning she would rather be looked at /admired/ complimented on her outfits by women and I on the other hand want men to drool all over me admire/compliment my outfits. I realized my poncho is a girl thing. It’s a very weird experience for me. Now, I bet if I wear the poncho with some skinny jeans or leggings and high-heeled black leather thigh high boots I could then get some men to drool over like the poncho.

  • Let’s talk TV. I’m an episode behind on Fear the Walking Dead. We finally watched the last episode of The Walking Dead season 5 and OMG!!! Glad it got way better and ended so awesome. We are still binge watching The Wire. It’s really funny because one of the main characters in the 1st season of The Wire is Bob from the Walking Dead. And in season 3 of the Wire one of the characters is Tyrese (like half his size in the Wire but still a big boy) from the Walking Dead. It’s kind of funny to see them in 2 totally different roles. Oh and I cannot wait for Empire to start tonight!!!!!
  • It’s the first day of Autumn.  BLAH!  It means winter is coming.  WAH!
Nero is not a fan of having his picture taken
Nero is not a fan of having his picture taken











Jam cocktails

Jam cocktails have been a thing for a few years now.  I’ve never tried one but I have always been intrigued by them.  I have actually been known to make and can my own jams and jellies.  It makes me feel all Laura Ingalls or amish to can my own food.  And it’s so pretty to look at too.  I mentioned before that blackraspberries are my favorite food/fruit/thing of all time.  Well I can’t bring myself to use the berries to make jam because I eat them all before I can save a few pounds of them.  But lucky for me, there’s a regular customer/friend at the bar where I work who makes his own blackraspberry jam/jelly and he was nice enough to give me a jar.  So of course I made a cocktail with it.  You know, because most people would just eat it on toast.  Ok, actually I made homemade cornbread and ate that with the jam first.  Then I thought oh hey let’s try this in one of those jam cocktails.


I tried this drink 2 different ways but used bourbon with both variations.  I used lemon juice in one and cranberry juice in the other.  Both were good but I prefer the cranberry juice.  I was afraid it would overpower the blackrapberry but it actually complimented it.  The lemon juice was a little more overpowering but it gave the cocktail a more fruity refreshing taste.


So I still haven’t learned how to use my fancy pants new camera yet.  While I was making these cocktails I was getting very frustrated with my other camera and the lighting and all that crap and then I started taking pictures and realized the memory card wasn’t in the camera so I had to go find it.  So while all this is happening I decided to just make a regular old bourbon and coke to sip on and then remembered I hadn’t eaten in a very long time.  After I was done taking pictures I also realized I now had 3 beverages to drink on an empty stomach.  Oops. #drinkbloggerproblems

yes, I got pretty drunk
yes, I got pretty drunk



Blackraspberry jam bourbon cocktail

2 oz bourbon

1 TBL blackrasperry jam

1 oz cranberry juice (or 3/4 oz lemon juice)

splash club soda

Add ice and first 3 ingredients to cocktail shaker.  Shake really well to get the jam mixed in.  Empty shaker into a glass and add a splash of club soda.