Frozen friday

A drink not the movie. And not the weather either. Thank god!!

Who doesn’t love a cold refreshing frozen cocktail on a hot summer day?  This weeks drink is the mudslide.  We drank one (2-3?) of these everyday in Mexico last year while we were lounging on the beach or poolside.  The standard mudslide has vodka, kahlua (coffee liqueur), baileys (irish cream), ice, and some cream or milk or even ice cream.  I’m calling my drink a Mexican mudslide because I used the tequila version of Kahlua and baileys.  Kahlua being made with rum and irish cream being made with whiskey.  Patron XO café is coffee liqueur made with tequila and tequila crema 1921 is just what it says.  Now the internet is telling me that a Mexican mudslide is Kahlua, amaretto, and cream or ice cream and a dash of cinnamon.  I prefer my version (and i’m not a narcissist) because

1. Mexico=tequila!

2. I love tequila!!!

mudslide in mexico
mudslide in mexico


Mexican mudslide in my kitchen
Mexican mudslide in my kitchen


I also tried this drink with tequila instead of vodka just to go all out with my tequila love and I will admit that I kind of prefer the vodka version.

Mexican mudslide 

1 oz vodka

1 oz patron xo cafe

1oz 1921 tequila crème

1/2 cup almond milk

chocolate syrup

Combine first 4 ingredients with ice in a blender.  You can add a swirl of chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass before filling the glass with the mudslide.  It creates a nice look visually and adds some chocolate to your drink.


the little skull came from our trip to mexico
the little skull came from our trip to mexico




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the “my diet starts today” cocktail


Oh we all know that game , right?  Unless you’re like my bestest friend who tried on a bathing suit a few months ago and saw imaginary back fat and promptly started myfitnesspal, wore her fitbit, and trained for a 5k.  She lost like 10lbs of organs? or something? and looks absolutely more fabulous.  Oh and I forgot to mention she’s 54.  Bitch.  Just kidding, I love her to death!  So yes she’s like my idol and I’ve been crying over clothes that are too tight and rolls that keep on multiplying so of course “my diet starts today!

This cocktail is something I order a lot when I got out to bars, parties, clubs, weddings, events etc… It’s quite refreshing and is something I can sip at rather than chug.  It’s also lower in calories with club soda having zero calories and just a “splash” of cranberry.  If you want to go all out then omit the cranberry and add a lemon instead of a lime.  or use both.  I like my drink with a bit more flavor so I add the “splash” of cranberry.

Besides my ill fitting clothes (that I tried to blame on my boyfriend’s dryer shrinking them since I moved in) the inspiration for mentioning this drink is from binge watching the real housewives of orange county.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  And one of my favorites on the show, Shannon, always orders a vodka (grey goose), soda, splash of cranberry with a lime in a tall glass  Like every. single. episode.  So through the power of suggestion or repetition or whatever I was all like oh I haven’t had that drink for awhile and oh boy do I need to get my ass to the gym more than 1-2 times a week so yes, let’s make this drink!

So I guess I’ll need to stop eating these


and this


and this


and when I need a refreshing cocktail I’ll mix up one of these



the “my diet starts today” cocktail

2 oz vodka (if u want to be like Shannon use grey goose)

club soda

cranberry juice

a lime

fill a tall glass with ice.  pour in 2 oz vodka and fill glass with club soda.  add a splash of cranberry juice and a wedge or a slice of lime. Enjoy!

DSCN0380 DSCN0378 DSCN0377

omit the cranberry and add a lemon instead of a lime
omit the cranberry and add a lemon instead of a lime



what up wednesdays

So I’ve been trying to blog.  Really I have been.  Seriously.  But the last 2 drinks I tried to make failed and it pissed me off so I haven’t posted in awhile.


I tried to make sangria but the wine had cork remnants in it and it was like the cork started to disintegrate? or something.  It was bad and nasty.

DSCN0338 DSCN0343

Then there was the chocolate cherry wine popsicles with bits of chocolate and cherry pieces in it.  I ran out of patience trying to figure out how long to freeze the wine before adding the chocolate and cherry pieces.  So the result was all the pieces are on the top and bottom.  ARRGGHH!!!

So a few things I’ve been up to lately….

  • Binge watching Ray Donovan.  They had season 1 on demand for free and now I wanna know more and season 3 is on showtime right now and Katie Holmes is in this season so i’m trying to convince my boyfriend to add showtime to the already outrageous cable bill.
  • Watching Mistresses!!! I thought I’d be all boo-hoo cuz Alyssa Milano isn’t on the show anymore but I love it anyways.  Sooo good and sadly one of the only shows on regular tv that I watch.
  • Watching my pathetic excuse for a garden grow all of 4 peppers and cherry tomatoes which I hate!!! cherry tomatoes that is.  Gross. The plants were mismarked when I bought them. Fooey.
  •  I feel like I’m bitching this entire post.  I’m not in a bad mood really I swear.  I love summer and I’m even enjoying the crazy weather we’ve been having in this neck of the woods. Wait, that sounded bitchy again. I’m sorry.  I’m going to go have a cocktail and chill out.


Elvira kittypants says all of my bitching makes her want a cocktail too!
Elvira kittypants says all of my bitching makes her want a cocktail too!
Elvira kittypants loves summer!
Elvira kittypants loves summer!




It’s been a loooong week at work and momma needs a cocktail!!!!


This is a new take on an old classic.  Ok not really.  It’s just a different version of my favorite drink.  And it’s what I’m drinking tonight.

201503~3 201503~1

It’s tequila, rockstar lemonade, and lime juice with a salt rimmed glass and it tastes like a margarita.  And it’s perfect for my Friday night relax and unwind.  Now you may think that the rockstar with all the caffeine would prevent me from unwinding but that’s not the case.  It’s helping me to not fall asleep at 7pm.  I might actually make it til 10pm!!

Before I started my new job this past January, I worked every single Friday night as a bartender.  The bar I worked at is a private club and I didn’t close til after 3am. Sometimes it was hell and instead of tgif I called it fif.  Fuck it’s Friday. But now I don’t work Fridays anymore and instead of knocking it out til 4am, I’m knocked out before 11pm.  How I did it all those years i’ll never know.

So here’s my cheers to tgif! Hope you have a great weekend!


Momma needs a cocktail

2 oz tequila (who am I kidding, it’s at least 3oz)

juice of 1/2 lime

rockstar lemonade

margarita salt for rim of glass

combine 1st 3 ingredients in salt rimmed glass with ice and enjoy!


what up wednesdays


Just a few things I’ve been up to lately…

DSCN0113 DSCN0107

black raspberries!!!!
black raspberries!!!!

20140626_185748 100_0684

my favorite time of year!! blackraspberry season only lasts 2-3 weeks A YEAR!!! they are my favorite food of all time ever.  And the blackraspberry tarts are the best food in the world.  and please DO NOT confuse a blackraspberry with a blackberry around me or I may get violent. just kidding. not really.

  • so yes, picking berries every chance I get and then making them into tarts and devouring them is one thing I’ve been obsessed with up to lately.
  • reading the book “Picnic in Provence, a Memoir with Recipes” by Elizabeth Bard.  my mom gave me this book with a note to be sure I gave it back because if she ever gets ambitious enough, she’s going to try a few recipes.  I read the book in 3 days and it would have been 2 but I didn’t want it to end.  It was such a good summer read and seriously makes you want to move to France and to especially eat like a French woman. I hope my mom tries a few recipes some day and invites me over!
  • going to see Magic Mike XXL Friday with my mom and sister.  I don’t think the 3 of us have ever gone to a movie together.  We can’t wait!
  • binge watching “The Walking Dead” because I wondered what all the hype was about so we decided to give it a try and now we can’t stop and we’re already on season 4 and almost done and season 5 doesn’t come out on dvd til august 25 and wtf! I don’t want to wait that long!!!

That’s it for now besides working a lot covering for vacations and getting ready for the 4th of July!

Elvira kittypants hopes you're enjoying your summer!
  Elvira kittypants hopes you’re enjoying your summer!
she almost blends into the kitchen floor
she almost blends into the kitchen floor