old cars and side cars

in the 2+ years my boyfriend and I have been dating, he has owned over 9 vehicles.  this does not include a motorcycle or dirt bike but does include a tow truck, a few vehicles that no longer run, and my favorite blue Silverado that he “sold” to his buddy despite my begging and pleading.  He hasn’t owned all of these vehicles at one time and there seems to be a constant rotation.  I got rid of my beloved dodge stratus after 11 years and I plan on keeping my current ride til it’s not possible to drive safely.  My boyfriend’s latest purchase is this 1950 chevy deluxe.


I have to admit it’s pretty cool.  My dad has always been a car guy.  He’s rebuilt several cars including a 1933 ford and a 1950 mercury that he customized with a Cadillac motor and parts.  so it’s kind of exciting that my boyfriend is into old cars and just through being around them my whole life, I actually know a tad bit about them and understand when he “car talks” me to death.  So in the spirit of his latest purchase, I thought it deserved a 1950’s happy hour.  popular drinks in the 1950’s were classics like martini’s, gimlet’s, tom Collins, seabreeze, sidecar’s and Singapore sling’s.  The popular spirit base in the 50’s was gin.  Not being fan of gin except in my long island iced teas, I made a sidecar for the occasion.



2 oz cognac ( or brandy)

1 oz Cointreau

1/2 oz lemon juice

mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Strain and pour into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon peel twist.



summer in a glass

this drink reminds me of a beach vacation.  The kind where you’re sitting outside at a tiki bar by the ocean and the bartender mixes up something fruity and divine and you try not to chug it all but you can’t help it because it tastes like sunshine.


several years ago , my bestest friend Trixie and I went to cancun, mexico.  we arrived on an early flight and our room wasn’t ready yet so we went to an outdoor bar.  we were slightly jet lagged, couldn’t change our clothes, or even freshen up.  we preceded to try several of the “beachy” drinks on the menu.  then we realized we were trashed before noon and had to take a nap as soon as our room was ready. good times , good times.

this cocktail has pineapple mint in it.  I grow pineapple mint in little pots every summer.  It smells heavenly.  you can use regular mint in this recipe instead.  it’s more of a garnish to the drink. I don’t actually muddle it in the cocktail like a mojito but you definitely  could.   If you can find or grow pineapple mint, I highly recommend it.  the scent is intoxicating.


either fresh pineapple or canned pineapple works in this drink.

1 oz white rum

1 oz coconut rum

1 oz pineapple juice

2 oz orange juice

1 slice of pineapple, cut into chunks

2 pcs pineapple mint for garnish

mix first 5 ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. pour into a glass and serve garnished with pineapple mint sprig.  serves 1.  can easily be doubled or tripled to serve more friends or yourself if you don’t like sharing.


hello summer!

my favorite cocktail

so as a bartender I am often asked “what do you like to drink?”  my reply is usually “everything.”  except gin.  I hate the taste of pine needles.  unless it’s mixed with vodka, tequila, rum, and triple sec.  aka a long island iced tea. My favorite liquor is tequila.  I like to mix it with rockstar® recovery lemonade flavor. What? Yes, rockstar® the energy drink.  I mean why should redbull® have all the fun?  It’s so much better tasting than redbull® and vodka which is still a semi popular drink around this redneck shithole area I live in.  It’s the perfect caffeine and liquor buzz.  and very mild tasting. The tequila gives the lemonade an extra little kick that is reminiscent of a margarita.  and yes you can just use lemonade but I like the caffeine and b-vitamins in the rockstar® recovery.  They also make an orange flavor that is quite tasty too.


another way I drink my tequila is with water and mio on ice.  Mio is the liquid water enhancer that has zero calories.  I’m partial to the black cherry flavor or the cherry/blackberry flavor. There are so many different flavor combinations the possibilities are endless.  Mixing mio and vodka is a popular way to have a cocktail while watching your calories.  I’ll mix vodka and mio sometimes but as i’ve said before and you will here me say a million times- tequila is my favorite.  While vacationing in mexico last year I took a bottle of mio and just asked for tequila and water on ice and the bartenders at our resort thought we were nuts but were very intrigued when I pulled out the cherry mio bottle and mixed up my own drink.

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70th birthday happy hour!

It was recently my dad’s birthday so in honor of this milestone (70!!!), i decided to throw him a happy hour line dancing party.  Way back when (early-mid 90’s) country line dancing became all the rage around these neck of the woods.  My parents and I went to lessons usually once or twice a week. Fast forward a few years and my parents went to all kinds of dances including some ballroom dances.  They also learned some “club” line dances such as the cupid shuffle and the wobble.  So that became our happy hour line dancing party.  The drink of the evening was  black rum and coke and once we had a few of these we put on our dancing shoes and did the boot scoot boogie, cupid shuffle, the wobble, the watermelon crawl, trashy women, and the cha cha slide just to name a few.  The menu included taco dip, pepperoni and crackers, buffalo chicken roll ups, cream cheese olive “penguins”, and fried ice cream.  A great time was had by all- even the grandkids (my niece and nephew) didn’t think we were too weird. But most important of all my dad said he had a great time and we should do it again! I love you daddy!! happy birthday!